Book Diane

Easily Available

Diane makes herself easily available for media and speaking appearances, in-person and remote.

Free Books

In every appearance, Diane will give the audience the link where they can download her book, Day Care Nightmare, for free and freely share as many copies as they want with others.

No Speaking Fees

Diane charges no speaking or appearance fees. In lieu of any fees or honorariums you would normally pay, she would love if you would make a donation to, but it is not required.

She Travels Lightly

For in-person appearances, Diane respectfully requests travel, lodging, and meal costs for two people. We can fly coach and stay together in one room, which doesn’t have to be fancy. If you can arrange appearances with other groups near you on the same trip and share the expenses, that would be great. For some appearances, she might pay all or part of these expenses.

Remote Studio Appearances

If you need Diane to appear remotely in a professional audio or video studio, she has access to several. She respectfully requests you cover the costs, but, for some appearances, she might pay all or part.

Phone or Zoom Appearances

If all you need is an appearance by phone, Zoom, or something similar Diane can do from home, there are no expenses.

Inquire About Booking

Contact us with your info and we will be in touch. Thank you for your interest in this important topic.